Great client relationships are at the foundation of great business writing. Here’s a few messages from my beloved clients.

Melinda is a fantastic copywriter! She has been writing blog articles and digital assets for the Rapid team for a few months now. Her work is high-quality, and she has a lot of knowledge in the health and safety space. Besides that, Melinda is always willing to learn more about the company’s products and target audience, which makes her writing very customised to our needs. She responds well to feedback and is always keen to make changes when necessary. It is a pleasure to work with Mel, and I’d recommend her services to any business. Claudia Peixoto Marketing Executive Rapid Global Workforce Management Software
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I highly recommend Melinda for her professional writing services and knowledge of websites and social media platforms. She has been giving me advice for 7 years and has been very influential in building my reiki business. Thank you Melinda.

Rainforest Reiki https___rainforest-reiki.com_

Melinda has created content for our site and regularly contributes to our education blog since early 2018. She is a pleasure to work with and I am very happy to recommend her services. She is able to tackle a wide range of topics and carries out thorough research to produce content that is both practical and informative for our students – and all with an incredibly fast turnaround! Thanks for all your hard work Mel!

Olivia Kang (courses.com.au) courses.com.au logo

It’s my pleasure to provide a reference for Melinda J. Irvine. Mel worked with DWS Hospitality Services and CTA Training Specialist for over seven years (2007-2014) as a direct employee, and then as an independent consultant. Mel’s experience in online and digital marketing was fundamental to our company’s development into one of Australia’s largest online training platforms in the hospitality sector.

Back in 2007-08 there was limited information about the digital technology needed to develop, deploy, and maintain a Learning Management System (LMS) plus integrated eCommerce platform. But Mel was able to research, configure and develop our original platform — then maintain it for a number of years. Something that would not have been possible without her enthusiasm, drive, and ‘never take no for an answer’ attitude.

Whilst with our company Mel also fulfilled a range of roles and responsibilities using her management experience, organisational ability, and creative writing skills. Key projects included: development of an award-winning customer service program (including written training manuals), developing and writing employee handbooks, job specifications, government tenders, operational policies and procedures.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mel for any professional pursuit that can harness her enthusiasm, passion, honesty, and reliability. I would be disappointed if anyone seeking to employ or engage with Mel in any professional capacity did not contact me to give me the opportunity to further support this reference.

John Dickson (Chairman, CTA Training Specialists) John dickson

Melinda has recently written for me two award applications and I am very happy with what I submitted. I very nearly discarded the opportunity to apply due to time constraints, however with Mel’s focused attention, and working extra hours to meet the deadline I was very pleased with the final result. Would highly recommend her services.

Jac Gallagher jac gallagher

It was wonderful to work with you Melinda, not only was my project delivered in a fast time, with my client’s style/ interests in mind, but also my ability with computer and writing skills was taken into consideration. You walked me through with patience, humour and infinite understanding. I will definitely contact you again when it’s time for the next phase of growth of my business. Thanks, and love and blessings

Bronwyn May (Bon Organics and Dreadlocks) Bronwyn May, Bon Organics

Melinda is so ahead of the game! She did exactly what I wanted and more. Melinda is also generous with her advice and time and I couldn’t be happier with the work she has done for me. Melinda was also very professional and responded very quickly to my messages and I am truely grateful to have come across someone who went the extra mile!

Dr Casey Dorman (Meraki TCM) meraki traditional chinese medicine

I can’t recommend Mel enough, she provided me with an excellent, A1, professional resume. She took my information and turned it into a masterpiece.

I had a traditional type resume that landed so often on the ‘Thank you for your application, unfortunately you were not successful this time’ pile. But Mel took the time to explore my strengths and investigate talents I hadn’t given much thought to previously.

She took my pre-existing information, changed the format, enhanced the text. Fine-tuned the presentation to a more reader friendly, informative product that ticked all the boxes. Within a fortnight of Mel delivering my final product I gained an interview and full-time employment.

Cheers Mel. Great job!!

April Austin April Austin Testimonial

Melinda has completed a number of writing jobs for me over the past few years including professional profiles, CV reviews, marketing letters, and awards applications. I’ve always been very impressed with the quality of her work and how easy she made the process for me. Recommended writer.

Dilip Samji (DRC Australia) dilip samji IT professional

Melinda has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Originally helping me with building my business using email marketing & social media and, more recently, with the amazing work she’s doing in the Phillipines.

Melinda is totally committed to the local people there and selflessly gives whatever she can. She has been involved on the ground since just after cyclone Yolanda hit in Nov 2013 and has tirelessly sought to raise money ever since even selling her own life’s possessions. Melinda is one of the most honest and kindest and people I know and I completely trust she will succeed in helping many.

Julie Heskins

Melinda has helped rewrite my resume, review all my social media accounts and prepare for job applications. She has also given me one-on-one coaching for job interviews helping me with what to wear and how to present myself. I felt so confident preparing and submitting my video application today. Thank you.

Sarah Barber

Mel created Notch Above’s very first website: registering the domain, managing the web hosting and writing all the web copy. The result was an excellent website I was proud to have for my business. The website ranked high on google for the industry.

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