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Melinda J. Irvine is an Australian copywriter, business blogger and poet. Her professional writing service is used by clients all over the world. Melinda  writes the text that helps small business, bloggers and online retailers sell their products online and reach a wider audience.

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Who is Melinda J. Irvine?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Melinda Irvine and I am a professional copywriter, business blogger and poet. I write for small business, bloggers and online retailers all over the world. I love the challenge of writing easy-to-read copy that is both appealing and persuasive.

I didn’t start my career as a copywriter though, in fact for more than 10 years I worked as a senior venue manager, licensee and HR professional in the Australian hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is heavily regulated to I quickly became adept at writing policies and procedures to manage risk and compliance obligations. So I was more of a technical writer.

Moving into a consulting role in 2007, for the next 7 years I assisted clubs, hotels and casinos manage their HR, staff training and WHS responsibilities (more technical writing). At the same time I was contracted to a leading RTO delivering training under the Hospitality and Business Services Training Packages. I researched and wrote complete qualifications that were fully compliant under ASQA. Yeah, that’s technical writing too.

But it was my nights and evenings side-hustle from 2006-2014 (selling books, CDs, printers, and printing consumables online) which taught me so much about setting up WordPress websites, ecommerce trading and most importantly COPYWRITING. I loved it so much I started helping my consulting clients refine their own WordPress websites and write them compelling product descriptions and company outlines. Copywriting in an online space completely consumed me for almost 8 years.

Professional copywriter Melinda J. Irvine and Jerry in November 2017.
Mel and Jerry in November 2017.

Taking a 3 year hiatus to volunteer in the Philippines was a much needed break and also great opportunity to establish a personal writing practice: blogging everyday and lending my copywriting skills to local NGOs and community groups. Copywriting also enabled me to personally raise more than $25,000 and distribute it to the local children over the last 4 years.

Somewhere along the way I met a little Filipino boy and I decided to stay on in the Philippines to legally adopt him. Now in 2017 I share my time between the Philippines and Australia and have dedicated working spaces in both countries.

When I’m not copywriting and blogging, you’ll find me reading, playing guitar or having fun with my adopted son Jerry. We both love swimming, snorkelling, going to the movies and (of course) telling stories.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and am always reading (check my Goodreads account), listening to business podcasts or doing online short-courses. It’s about self-improvement and staying relevant as a professional writer.

Formally, I hold a SIT50416 Diploma of Hospitality (Management); a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment; and am partway through a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy/Creative Writing). I’m sure I’ll finish it one day.

Giving Back

Every dollar I earn as a professional writer is enabling me to continue helping disadvantaged Filipino kids to to school. After running a successful copywriting and hospitality consulting business for 7 years (2007-2014), I shut everything down in February 2014 to volunteer in the Philippines.

“Helping the people in the Philippines for the past three years has been wonderful, challenging, heartbreaking and uplifting. It was also a great channel for me to begin a personal writing practice and any spare time I had was dedicated to my personal blog, my first very first book as well as music and songwriting.”

I really developed some serious writing chops during my three year hiatus and now I’m back, and I’m better. And best of all, every dollar I earn now enables me to continue my projects here in the Philippines and legally adopt Jerry.

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