setting up a writing business by Melinda J. Irvine

What equipment do I need to start a Writing Business?

You don't need a pile of techie stuff or expensive subscriptions to start a freelance writing business. The best advice I can give you is to concentrate your purchases on the things that will support uninterrupted writing, efficient communication, and…

don't fall for these freelance writing myths by melinda j. irvine

7+ Freelancing facts they don’t mention in the brochures

Now don't take me the wrong way here, I love my freelance writing life. But I've seen more than one marketing blog that seriously overstates the benefits of freelancing (probably for the purposes of recruiting students/trainees into their freelance learning…

are you a freelancer or paid employee?

Are you a freelance writer, or a paid employee?

If you're considering making the transition from paid employee to freelance writer or consultant, make sure the working relationship you have with clients doesn't breach the taxation laws in your country. This blog explains the difference between true freelancers, contractors,…