Professional Writing Portfolio

Employment Options for Seniors

Ghostwriting assignment written to spec, promoting nationally recognised training courses to seniors aged 65+.

Date: September 2019
Purpose: Encouraging Australian seniors aged 65+ to undertake nationally recognised training.

7+ Freelancing Facts They Don’t Mention in the Brochures

Lighthearted blog written on my own website for writers and freelancers.

Date: July 2019
Purpose: Driving traffic to my website, providing informative content for my readers, building my reputation as a freelance writer.

WHS Compliance: Maintaining HAZCHEM Risk Controls

Ghostwriting assignment outlining legislative responsibilities and compliance issues when using, storing, and handling hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Date: May 2019
Purpose: Educating HSE Managers and other workplace supervisors who manage hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods.

5 best areas to invest on the Sunshine Coast

An assignment for Open Agents researching and writing about the property market on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The assignment required the use of strategic keyword phrases.

Date: April 2019
Purpose: To educate buyers and sellers about the property market on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) Australia in early 2019.

shaping change website

5 Tips for Stepping Into a Leadership Role

This is a ghostwriting assignment I wrote for a client about how to step up into a leadership or management role (with a focus on training).

Date: August 2018
Purpose: Introduce the importance of training and personal development for management candidates.

Donutty in Sydney


Donutty is the new home of traditional American-style donuts in Sydney. Donutty is a retailer and wholesaler of cooked-to-order donuts, customers order online and pickup from their Roselands kitchen the next day. I was hired to write the content for their new website, including product descriptions.

Date: July 2018
Audience: People who love donuts in the greater Sydney area.

storemasta safety blog


STOREMASTA is a risk management and safety organisation specialising in the storage of dangerous goods in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. This is one of a number of blog articles I’ve written about using, handing and storing Dangerous Goods and was a ghostwriting assignment.

Date: June 2018
Audience: Workplaces who use and store materials and substances classed as Dangerous Goods within Australia, NZ and SE Asia.

buying cat meds online - blog post on floppy cats

Floppy Cats

Floppy Cats is a website providing specialist information about Ragdoll Cats. I was hired to write a blog post about how to save money buying cat medications online.

Date: June 2018
Audience: Mainly owners of ragdoll cats in the USA, but the content appeals to cat owners everywhere.

PlantArk About Us page


PlantArk is a startup. A dedicated marketplace for buying or selling plants and seeds online. I was hired to write the copy for the About Us page, to quickly explain the concept of the website and encourage plant buyers and sellers to register for a free account .

Date: May 2018
Audience: Australian buyers and sellers of plants and seeds.

Coolmax Air Conditioning

Coolmax Air Conditioning serve the greater Sydney area — installing, repairing and maintaining leading brands air conditioning systems. I was hired to write the copy for the Split System, Ducted System, Repairs and Maintenance pages.

Date: April 2018
Audience: Business and residential customers seeking split system or ducted air conditioning in the greater Sydney area.

caribbean craft

Caribbean Craft

Caribbean Craft offers a collection of stunning and unique home decor pieces, handcrafted by a talented artisan community in Haiti. A for-profit business that operates like a social enterprise, all products are handcrafted from recyclables. I was hired to review and rewrite the website text and meta-data. I also wrote many of the product descriptions. Please note I did not write the blog posts.

Date: February 2018
Audience: International consumer audience (a large percentage American). Home owners and decorators wanting unique, handcrafted art pieces.

Dr Casey Dorman Meraki TCM

Meraki Traditional Chinese Medicine

Meraki TCM is a holistic medical clinic in Clifton Hill, Melbourne owned by Dr Casey Dorman. Meraki TCM provides all-natural treatments using Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was hired to write the copy and meta-data for the website. Please note I did not write the blog posts.

Date: January 2018
Audience: Women from the greater Melbourne area experiencing infertility and other reproductive health issues.

Bon Organics and Dreadlocks

Bon Organics and Dreadlocks

Bon Organics and Dreadlocks is an all-natural home business featuring the creativity of Bronwyn May. I was hired to update and improve Bronwyn’s Facebook Page, populate the shop with her products and get her into a daily routine of posting to build a fan base.
Date: January 2018
Facebook Page:

“About Us” text : download PDF
Audience: Spiritual and creative folk in the Lismore (NSW) district, interested in a sustainable lifestyle and seeking organic and home grown foods, home crafts and dreadlocks.

writing portfolio of Melinda J. Irvine professional copywriter

Notch Above Bookkeeping

Notch Above Bookkeeping is a group of Xero certified bookkeepers and BAS Agents helping clients improve their financial reporting and better manage their GST obligations. I was hired to review and rewrite the web copy, audit the site for SEO and write metadata, organise and categorise the blog posts, create home page sliders, edit and improve menus, create additional pages as requested by the business owner.

Date: November 2017
Audience: Australian small business owners and SMEs needing bookkeeping assistance and a BAS Agent to process and lodge their Business Activity Statements.

vindurance kick gels power on

Vindurance Kick Gel Cabernet Sauvignon

Vindurance energy gels and sports foods are made from 100% Australian grown premium wine grapes. I enjoyed writing the product descriptions, meta-data and company info text for this new and revolutionary product.

Date: October 2017
Audience: Endurance athletes and people pursuing hard-core recreation or careers like BASE jumping, canyoning, rock climbing, commercial diving.

food labelling and palm oil

Food Labeling and Palm Oil: what’s the issue?

In Australia it is almost impossible to know if palm oil is being used in consumer food products. This article outlines the difficulties in determining if palm oil is actually in a food product and why the Orangutan Alliance is campaigning for greater visibility on food labels.

Date: September 2017
Audience: The Orangutan Alliance Organisation is a non-profit organisation promoting the reduction of non sustainable palm oil usage in consumer products through their NO PALM OIL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.

Essential Training for Tech Startup Managers

This article was ghostwritten to advertise a training course for the client on an external business startup blog.

Date: 23 August 2017
Audience: tech startup owners and operators who need additional skills in coding and IT management.

What it’s like Working on a Cruise Ship

Working on a cruise ship is all about having fun. Living and working aboard you’ll be helping guests have the trip of their life, travelling to exotic destinations all over the world, experiencing international cuisine as well as making friendships that last a lifetime. But what is it really like living on board a cruise ship? Is it really for you?

Date: 9 August 2017
This article was ghostwritten to advertise a training course for the client on an external travel and advertising blog. I have the client’s permission to provide the link for you here.

Making the IoT Internet of Things a Career Choice

The ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT is gaining momentum and extending its reach, but how do we learn more about how these connected gadgets are collecting and transmitting data over the internet? Where do we learn to program the IoT? How do we apply this emerging juggernaut into our careers right now?

Date: 18 July 2017
This article was ghostwritten to advertise a training course for the client on an external techno and gadget blog. I have the client’s permission to provide the link for you here.

screen shot of a guest post written by Melinda J. Irvine on the Small Business Bonfire website

How to Avoid Distractions and Interruptions in Your Home Office

Sharing what I have learned about working productively in a home office, mainly minimising interruptions  to help keep you focused on your project, your clients and your bottom line.

Date: 24 June 2017
Audience: The Small Business Bonfire is a small business blog and online community for entrepreneurs that provides small business help in the form of business tools, advice and free resources.

How a Bookkeeper Counteracts the 3 Common Stresses of Small Business Owners

How a Bookkeeper Counteracts the 3 Common Stresses of Small Business Owners

Being a small business owner is stressful. Reports, surveys and studies of small business owners around the world claim running a small business is their # 1 cause of stress.

Date: 3 April 2017
Audience: Small Business owners and managers

My story volunteering and living in the Philippines

Sharing my story of how “voluntourism” turned into a meaningful and lasting experience with the women and children of the Western Visayas, Philippines.

Date: 24 March 2017
Audience: Women’s Q&A Website

Creative recovery: human responses to calamity?

In the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi, Dr June Perkins used her creative projects to support the recovery of the community, developing  further skills in community journalism, exhibiting, song writing and film..

Date: 3 February 2015
Audience: Followers of author June Perkins, residents of the Cassowary Coast in FNQ who were affected by Cyclone Yasi as well as the wider literary community interested in real life examples of creativity being use to recover from a calamity.