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A natural poetry collection inspired by that feeling of home

My Mother's Garden by Melinda J. Irvine iBooks Cover Art

My Mother’s Garden and Other Natural Poems is a poetry collection and photo essay set along the mid-north of regional NSW, Australia. The poems and photographs are a tribute to my mother’s garden and the places where I held my breath as a child. Even though the poems shared in My Mother’s Garden were inspired by my own family they speak to the memory of childhood and that universally understood feeling of home.

You will wander isolated beaches, find a scruffy little horse over the back fence, spend Christmas in a magical hinterland garden and visit the old cemetery of shipwrecked souls.

Thirty-five multimedia poems are delivered to you in an interactive multimedia eBook with more than 150 original photographs, narration and video. My Mother’s Garden is a wonderful place to find yourself or get lost for a little while.

Available from 18 July 2017 in the iBooks and Amazon stores, click here to learn more about the book or buy your own copy.


10 little multimedia poems lyricing the Australian landscape

Paperbark Wetlands by Melinda J. Irvine cover art 2017Paperbark Wetlands is a collection of poems and photograph taking the reader on a walk among the melaleucas of the NSW Mid-north coast as well as some of the magical places across Far-north Queensland. The visually enriched haiku, shaped and free verse poems in Paperbark Wetlands, complimented by digital technologies make a unique poetry experience.

A little place to get lost in your lunch break (even better with headphones).

Paperbark Wetlands, a multimedia eBook available from 16 October 2016 in the iBooks store (iOS and Mac) and Amazon store (Kindle) as well as PDF format. Click here to learn more about the book or buy your own copy.

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