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Paperbark Wetlands is a multimedia eBook available for iBooks and Kindle as well as in PDF format. It contains original photographs, interactive galleries, narration and video. Click the icons below to grab your free copy.

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“The Paperbark Wetlands is a little place to get lost in your lunch break.”

Paperbark Wetlands is my first eBook: a collection of multimedia poetry. I’ve been a reader of traditional poetry for most of my life, yet it is in the writing and construction of my own poems I have moved into multimedia and transmedia forms.

The poems in the book all began differently. Sometimes as I was out strolling headlands in the late afternoon remembering times on the same path when a young girl: poems would emerge days later while journalling. At other times while out bushwalking with purpose in the Australian summer heat, inspired I’d settle under a tree with my notebook and scribble away until ants or unsettling thunderstorms would move me forward to my destination. The poems crafted later in a coffee shop or in the car while that storm hit. At other times I was after a specific photograph for an unrelated task and months later a poem would leap out of the image I was editing. A few of these poems were even written (unplanned) in the author publishing tool as new possibilities in the pictures presented themselves.

But no matter how they emerged, all the poems represent a shift in my thinking toward poetry. For as I began presenting them on my blog, new pieces of media would suggest themselves to me. Like adding little bits of video which felt like tiny poems in themselves.

My shaky-hand iPhone videos, smartphone images, and bedroom recorded narration are all deliberately included to engage a tough 21st century audience with no time and almost infinite competition for their attention. Also I wanted to remain in the poem as if you were right there with me when I wandered the shoreline or my bare feet padded into the forest.

I invite you now to walk with me among the paperbarks and some of the magical places I have happened across during my lonely drives across the Australian landscape.

Mel Irvine
October 2016

PS: Don’t forget if you love it leave some nice feedback, otherwise send me an email with some constructive feedback so I can produce better and better books.

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Paperbark Wetlands is an interactive experience best viewed on iBooks and Apple devices. Get your free copy from the iBook store now.

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Kindle (Free)

After speaking with the customer service crew, the Amazon store allowed me to offer the book for free. Yay.

get-paperbark-wetlands-on-amazon-for-kindleClick the Amazon/Kindle logo to get your copy from the Amazon store now. Please note it’s a fairly big file (maybe 300MB) so make sure you are using your mum’s WIFI when you download it.

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Click on any of the links below to download your free PDF eBook. Please note the PDF version does not contain the interactive features like video, image slideshows and narration.

Paperbark Wetlands by Mel Irvine (download high resolution 216 MB)
Paperbark Wetlands by Mel Irvine (download med resolution 41 MB)
Paperbark Wetlands by Mel Irvine (download low resolution 16 MB)



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