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Use a professional web content writing service to improve your google rankings and increase your online sales.

SEO web content writing service by Melinda J. IrvineDo you need a professional web content writing service to improve the quality of the SEO content on your website, blog or online store?

Hi! My name is Melinda Irvine and l’m a professional content writer, copywriter and business blogger.  I’d love to write the SEO copy that moves your website up the google rankings.

Writing for websites

Writing great copy for websites and blogs is essential for engaging customers;  selling your products and services;  and getting found on the major search engines like Google and Bing. But when you engage me as your web content writer I don’t start writing straight away.

As a professional web content writer I begin by researching your industry and finding out more about your organisation’s products and services. Then we work together to select the best keyword phrases (the ones that will best represent who you are and what you do to the search engines) and only then the writing starts.

Search Engine Optimisation

My writing is clear and concise and I aim to tell your unique story in language that is easy to understand. Major search engines like google prefer websites with easy-to-read text that accurately reflects an organisation, person or service. Google rewards clear, original content.

Inexperienced writers often try to fill space with repetitive sentences that really don’t say very much, while others copy and paste text from other websites. Google penalises repetitive and plagiarised writing by sending that website to the back of line (or bans them completely).

Good copy flows naturally

I’m sure we’ve all read an article or blog that weirdly jumps paragraphs or ends a bit awkwardly. Good web content writers link paragraphs with SEO sub-headings and transition ideas into logical sequences. Because readers drop out of on-screen text very quickly, it’s essential to keep the story flowing and the reader actively involved.

Effective web pages and blog posts read like a mini-story and end with a call to action. A call to action asks the reader to go beyond just reading your blog or webpage and actually do something. Like join a newsletter or book an appointment. Very often a reader only needs to be asked to join an email list or share your blog post with their friends.

If you’ve still got your reader in the last paragraph, chances are you can sell him or her your eBook or carpet cleaning service.

Finding your unique story

Ultimately my job as a web content writer is to find your unique story; presenting it in written form in a way that delights, excites, captivates and motivates your readers to take action. If you are still here with me in the last paragraph, thank you for reading, I hope you will contact me today so we can work together and get your message (and your website) exactly where it needs to be.

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