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BANNER - SEO content writing service with Melinda J. IrvineExpert SEO content writing service with Australian writer Melinda J. Irvine. Move your website up the search rankings with professionally written:

  • Business descriptions – when you need a professional profile for your business.
  • Web copy – when you need your website to bring more traffic, more leads, and more sales.
  • Blogs and articles – when you need to showcase your expertise and get more customers.
  • eBooks and assets – when you need a digital asset to sell or give away.

SEO content writing service for more traffic and sales @ Melinda J. Irvine

Do you need more web traffic?

Traffic that converts into real leads and sales?

It can be really frustrating when you’ve handed over thousands of dollars for a sleek looking website — a website that you’re quite proud of — but it’s not delivering any leads, sales, or bookings.

Chances are the content on your website hasn’t been optimised for:

  • The actual products and services you are selling.
  • Where you are located (or your service area).
  • The type of customers who will buy from you.

SEO content writing is about ensuring the text on every page of your website addresses the way that customers (and Google) look for you online. It involves proper research and a lot of questions — things like:

  • Finding out exactly what you do, where, and how.
  • Researching your service niche and taking a look at your competitors.
  • Selecting suitable keywords that prospects and customers will use to find you.
  • Writing outstanding web content that is easy to read, AND includes the keywords in a way that sounds natural and like you (yourself) were saying them.
  • Maximising On-page SEO factors (eg, Headings, Sub-headings, Titles, URLs, Internal Links, Images).

If your website isn’t getting any traffic, leads, or sales it’s definitely time for a review and maybe an SEO rewrite. Read on to learn more (or get in touch now if you want something done about it right away).

Your SEO content is always about you @ Melinda J. Irvine

One of the most common issues I find with small business SEO, is being too concerned by what’s on a competitor’s website. Because if the competition is getting plenty of traffic and customers all we have to do is copy them right?

Not so much.

By all means research your competitors, but to really get found by Google, Bing and other search engines your web content needs to be optimised for the way a customer will search for YOUR business. 

Not the bloke down the road. Not Apple or Amazon.


Focus your content on where you are — and what you are doing better, faster, bigger, tidier, smarter, cleaner, nicer … than everyone else.

Your business website is one of your most important marketing tools, so never forget (or be afraid to own the fact) that the content on the pages is always about you and your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

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Qualified Writer

And now a bit bout me. I’m Melinda J. Irvine, a qualified writer with decades of experience (and university studies) in Management, Marketing, and Business Writing.

For the last 13 years I have been configuring, writing, and optimising small business and eCommerce websites — helping people like you expand your audience and increase your sales. 

Maybe you’d like some help too?

Working together is easy. I have established systems and questionnaires for you to complete — so I can research your industry, service niche, competitors, keywords — enabling me to craft a compelling narrative that represents YOUR business and brings in more traffic, leads, and sales.

As a minimum you can expect:

  • Beautiful copy that is strategically optimised for your industry, location, service niche, and Unique Selling Points (USPs).
  • Original content (written by me) that is easy to read (and ticks all the Google boxes).
  • Unlimited revisions until you are 100% delighted.

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Content Writing Services

No matter what business, sales, and marketing goals you have — I have an SEO content writing service to help you:

1. Website content

Increase your leads, sales, and bookings with an optimised website that clearly describes what you do, where you are, and how to find you.

2. Business Descriptions

Improve your website rankings by displaying a professional business profile (primed for SEO) on your website, Facebook page, and Linkedin company profile.

3. Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Demonstrate your professionalism by displaying your strategic goals, company mission statement, and core values on your website. This also helps with SEO.

4. eCommerce

Increase your margins by selling your products and services online. You’ll need an eCommerce solution (eg, Woo Commerce) configured to your location, inventory, shipping, and payment methods — plus killer product descriptions that land at the top of search results.

5. eBooks

Build an email list and create customer loyalty by offering free white papers, eBooks and other digital assets to your readers. Alternately, sell them on your website or via Amazon, Apple Books, or Kobo.

6. Blogs and Articles

Publish blogs and articles that support your products and services to bring new customers to your website — and establish your reputation as an authority in your industry or service niche.

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Writing for you

Are you ready to transform the content on your website and online spaces? Increase your traffic? And get more leads, sales, and bookings? Connect with me today — let’s get your message (and your website) exactly where it needs to be.

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