Technical Writing

 Do you have a technical writing project? I can help you write a set of Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for your website; submit government tender proposals; prepare licence or permit applications with detailed lodgement criteria; or apply for grant funding.

Technical Writing is all about describing complex work methods, job sequences and company policy in language that’s easy to follow and understand. Technical Writers must be able to follow detailed guidelines, evaluation criteria or official government documents. Attention to detail and accuracy is critical.

My early career began writing compliance documents for the Registered Club Industry in NSW and Queensland. I spent many years lodging licence applications, preparing statutory returns, submitting tenders proposals, documenting Work Health and Safety compliance; and writing HR policies.

Do you have a technical writing project? I can help you …

  • write a set of Frequently Asked Questions FAQs for your website
  • submit government tender proposals
  • prepare licence or permit applications with detailed lodgement criteria
  • apply for grant funding
  • write training manuals
  • develop a full set of HR business tools
  • create learning materials and assessments for Nationally Recognised Training courses
  • Document  your WHS risk management activities

Human Resources Policies and Documents

human resource documentation with Melinda J. IrvineDo you have the time or skills to implement a full set of HR policies and documents in your small business? Having an employee handbook and a formal induction program promotes a safe workplace, provides accurate information to your staff, and establishes your expectations of them from day 1. You reduce staff turnover and increase staff retention rates. A well-researched and informative induction program also helps you meet your legal obligations, comply with Fairwork.

WHS and Compliance Writing

WHS writing by Melinda J. IrvineManaging Work Health and Safety obligations is often a burden for small business owners. Do you have time to assess all the health and safety risks at your business worksite? Do you have a WHS Management Plan? Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Electrical Safety (ES) laws lay out the codes to follow and many owners of Australian small business just don’t have the time to review every piece of legislation, code of practice or WHS guide.

Online Training Materials

nationally recognised training materials with Melinda J. IrvineAre you an established or emerging Registered Training Organisation (RTO) needing engaging learning materials for your students? Maybe you need to review and update your assessment materials and mapping guides to ensure they still meet ASQA requirements. Perhaps you have a new qualification on scope and need new workbooks, videos, student guides,  assessments and resources added into your LMS. Are you using Moodle? Do you need assistance configuring and managing student records?

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