25 things I love and had forgotten

Sudden death breaks your heart in many ways. First is the physical pain of it. Another the constant sense of sadness. Guilt for everything you didn’t say. And finally, the list you have to make to remember other things you have loved. A conscious decision to heal. And maybe that list will help bring some of them back to you. So here is my list.

  1. Diving solo and collecting abandoned anchors
  2. Practicing harmonising by recording my voice on a teenaged tape recorder
  3. Building a fire
  4. Planning an overnight bush walk
  5. Birdwatching
  6. Cross stitching and interlacing beads
  7. Doing a handstand
  8. Sewing a beautiful dress
  9. Going to a music festival
  10. Laughing all the time
  11. Feeling joyful
  12. Swimming under the waves
  13. Cooking cakes
  14. Open-water swimming
  15. Training for a half-marathon
  16. Doing two cycle classes in a row
  17. Working as a divemaster
  18. Wearing a little dress
  19. Singing loudly to a song I don’t know in the car
  20. Learning a new song on the guitar
  21. Singing in a choir
  22. Wandering alone through the rainforest
  23. Performing at a live gig
  24. Doing a yoga class in the Progress Hall, Mission Beach
  25. Feeling excited to see you

Grief and healing are tricky things, in a most unexpected way, this list has helped.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine
Everyday Inspiration: Day 2 (Write a list)

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    jodie-ann Nunn

    Beautiful… 🙂

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    A very informative post and good video. Thanks for sharing!