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Need an affordable blog writing service? I am an Australian writer and business blogger crafting original content blogs for your business, nonprofit, or authority website.

Blogging is a simple (but very powerful) way of connecting with people online — and as a business tool can help you increase your web traffic, your supporters, and your sales. One of the best things about blogging is the ability to directly engage with your readers through the native commenting and sharing tools.

My blog writing service is efficient and affordable —  you can expect a high standard of writing as well as:

  • 100% original content.
  • Properly researched and referenced articles.
  • Everything written by me — no outsourcing.
  • Content that is optimised for Google and the major search engines.

If you need a business blog written today, get in touch right now. Or read on — for more information about the different blogging strategies and how they work.

Blogging strategies

Blog posts can certainly drive traffic onto your website, but you need a blogging strategy if you want to convert those visitors into followers, fans, or paying customers.

In this section I’ll be introducing you to 6 key blogging strategies that could help you achieve your business goals and make money.

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Authority Building

Customers feel safer buying from businesses and people they consider experts in their field, and  blogging is an excellent tool for establishing your reputation as an industry authority or thought leader. Authority blogs solve a problem or provide new information within an industry — think product releases, how-to-guides, legislative updates, and shared professional experience.

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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness blogging maintains your public image and community profile. Publish blogs to show the personality (and expertise) of the real people behind the logo, web banners, and trademarks.

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Web Monetisation

Website monetisation is simply setting up your website or blog to generate passive income — it can be done via affiliate marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and offering your own digital products for sale. Blogging draws readers and customers to the site, and money is made when readers click on the monetised links or buy something — either from an affiliate site or your own digital products.

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Guest Posting

A guest post is a blog that is written and published on another blog or website — but contains links back to your own site. Guest posting is a blogging strategy to improve your website rankings with Google and the major search engines, it’s also known as ‘link building‘. Guest posting is also an excellent way of reaching a wider audience and securing your reputation as an authority in your industry or service niche.

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Use blogging to bring new customers onto your website and into your eCommerce store. Blog product comparison guides, installation hacks, new product/season launches, customer pain points, and even profiles of the people who use your products.

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Nonprofit outreach

Blogging is an effective outreach tool for nonprofits, NGOs and charities. Blog the heartwarming story of a beneficiary, or publish your research about social justice and organisational corruption, or update the sponsors of your latest crowdfunding campaign. Nonprofit blogging will help you build your tribe, increase awareness for your cause, and raise money to fund your projects.

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