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Freelance Copywriting Services

Professional Copywriter and Blogger

Do you need an imaginative and experienced copywriter or blogger? Are you struggling to find words that explain what you do and why it matters? Do you need some help articulating your systems and processes into an operations or training manual? Do you need a useful set of Frequently Asked Questions for your website? Maybe you just need to sell more stuff!

I can write the copy you need to persuade your customers or inform your staff. As a professional copywriter I research a subject thoroughly then articulate your unique message using clear and concise language.

You can learn more about my individual services like website copywriting, blogging, preparing HR Documentation and Nationally Recognised Training Materials by clicking on the images below.

Check out examples of my work, read the testimonials of my regular clients or just reach out and say hello. I’m committed to helping my clients find their voice and ensure their unique message is found in all the right places. I’m ready to help you too.

Freelance Copywriting Services

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Giving Back

After running a successful copywriting and hospitality consulting business for 7 years (2007-2014), I shut everything down in February 2014 to volunteer in the Philippines.

“Helping the people in the Philippines for the past three years has been wonderful, challenging, heartbreaking and uplifting. It was also a great channel for me to begin a personal writing practice and any spare time I had was dedicated to my personal blog, my first very first book as well as music and songwriting.”

I think I really developed some serious writing chops during my three year hiatus and now I’m back, and I’m better. And best of all, every dollar I earn is enabling me to continue helping impoverished Filipino kids go to school.


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