Stamps for the Visayans

Stamps for the Visayans is the brainchild of my Uncle Richard A. Ward and is a fundraising project for the Visayan peoples affected by natural disasters and other calamities.

Uncle Richard inherited a significant stamp collection from his brother and my Uncle Lincoln A. Ward who sadly died in August 2014. Uncle Lincoln was a stamp enthusiast who spent probably sixty years adding to a collection which reflected his keen interest in (among other things) mining, aviation, astronomy and space travel.

Uncle Lincoln’s earlier days proudly showing one of his hundreds of albums.

Losing your older brother is hard enough, but my Uncle Richard has also been fulfilling his role of executor of an eclectic and complicated estate.

What to do with (literally) a room filled with inherited stamps dating back to the 19th century?

Sell them!

So here is where I come in. For the last year I have been delivering aid work in the Visayan region of the Philippines following Typhoon Yolanda. The Visayas is particularly vulnerable to various climate/ weather-related hazards because of its location in the tropics, along the path of typhoons, monsoons and El Niño-La Niña. In addition to this, the Visayan regions are among the poorest in the Philippines. Spending five months in the Visayas and learning to speak Ilonggo has been such a joy for me during 2014. My heart is compelled to return and continue working with these joyous people.

Uncle Richard offered (if I would teach him how) to list the stamps in ebay auctions and forward the proceeds for my aid work to continue projects in the Visayas. I am so grateful for the generosity of my uncles: after all most people would just keep the money for themselves.

More about Uncle Richard …

This is a large project that will probably take some years to roll out but if you would like to buy some stamps (by the way all donors are now receiving stamps) please visit our ebay site

We also welcome enquiries from reputable dealers and collectors for private sales.


    1. Hello Cindy. I’m so glad that you messaged me here. I hope you are enjoying the stamps, my Uncle who died collected those stamps his whole life.

      I’d like to say thank you very much, everything you have bought because the money has been used to help the disadvantaged kids here in the Philippines.

      Also if you want to join my mailing list I send out a weekly eZine talking about the projects I’m running here. I’ve included the link below if you want to opt-in.

      All our love and blessings Cindy.


  1. Hi Mel,

    Your Uncle Richard forwarded me this link – I have read through the main parts of your web site here – and it is – well there are no adequate words – but all very moving…

    I have linked your site to my facebook page and to names of others who may be interested

    Am hoping a nephew ( an avid stamp collector ) of my husband will see the link and be interested.

    I know your Uncle through TAFE at Inverell – he was an obliging art student, coming to my small art class at my home every week ( unless he was playing at a funeral!) The proceeds of that art class went to a person like you who started off helping children from the Pakistan earthquake of 2005 and now works at an SOS village in Islamabad. She wanted to do more than what the meagre facilities provided – so they got to taste pineapple for the first time – and she does lots of other things with them – extending their interest in subjects/reading and art and craft,singing etc – she is a bit of a ‘maverick’ – in all the good sense of the word!

    So wish you all the very very best Mel! Have been gradually reading though your website – you capture everything so well – you are a real earth soul! Think Richard’s family are rather like that!



    1. thanks so much Sandy, really appreciate your acknowledgement and support.

      having people at home supporting and encouraging me means the world.



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