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Giving Back to the Children

Living most of my life in the Philippines now, I am surrounded by a level of poverty I had never witnessed in Australia. Here are some of the projects I have been working on since 2014 (a big thank you to all the people who helped make these projects possible).

black and white selfie, mother and sonI am not a charity or affiliated with any agencies, political organisations, religions or NGOs, I am just a simple person who went overseas to help after a calamity (Typhoon Yolanda) in 2014. When my contract with the volunteer organisation ended I decided to stay and help using my own money (also assisted by donations from friends and family). Somewhere along the way I met and adopted a little boy who was roaming around the streets and pier. Now my life has totally changed (for the better) and I am far happier engaged in a life or service and living each day with greater compassion, gratitude and faith. If you would like to learn more about the projects click any of the images below for more details. If you would like to help, please click here for more details.

PROJECT: medical education

Project: Medical Education

Eunice has been dreaming of studying medicine since kindergarten. Now 16 years old and in grade 10, she gets up around 3am every morning to study before cooking for the family or washing clothes or caring for her younger siblings. She’s dedicated and totally on track academically to make it.

PROJECT: art supplies and toy library

PROJECT: art supplies and toy library

Buying art supplies and craft materials for the kids was so much fun. I love having plastic crates filled with stuff ready for impromptu visits from the kids or ladies of Botongon. The toy library now has soft toy plushies, giant puzzles, games, balls, skipping ropes and interactive stuff for the tots.

PROJECT: school supplies and activities for children

PROJECT: school supplies and activities for the kids

I truly love getting back-to-school supplies for the children to encourage them in their education. 2017 will be my fourth year doing this so I’m getting better at sourcing the materials and distributing to the kids most in need.

PROJECT: rice for a family

PROJECT: rice for a family

This family has been in serious need for almost four years now. I do what I can sharing extra food and providing a sack of rice each month as well as other stuff, but it breaks my heart knowing these kids rarely have enough.

PROJECT: income for a family

Project: income for a family

More than 3 years on, this is probably the most successful of the projects. This family are now financially independent and the sari-sari store is still operating and profitable. Now dear friends, I’m so proud of their ingenuity, willingness to work and positive attitude.

PROJECT:  sponsorship for a family

Project: sponsorship for a family

I’ve come to love this family so much and a big part of the joy surrounding this project is that my awesome friends Jac and Jason Gallagher (plus their kids Kate, Logan and Zoe) are the chief sponsors of Neda and her kids.

PROJECT: school blackboards

Project: school blackboards

After working at the Tanza Elementary School in the months following Typhoon Yolanda, it was awesome raising some money to construct and replace 11 storm-damaged blackboards.

PROJECT: storm shelter kits

Project: Storm Shelter Kits

Using funds donated from family and friends back in Australia, I was able to make up small shelter kits consisting of hammers, nails and roofing iron to alleviate families living in makeshift shelters of tarpaulin scraps and rubble.

PROJECT: water for a hospital

PROJECT: water for a hospital

It was really crazy being at a hospital that regularly runs out of water so it seemed natural to buy a few truck loads of water with some of the donations provided by family and friends in Australia.

PROJECT: house for a family

Project: house for a family

There was so much emotion behind this project it’s hard to describe now. It was one of the first projects and it was great to be able to direct funds into one significant outcome, an entire house for a family.

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