Resume Writing Service

A great resume or CV clearly introduces you to a recruiter or employment manager, and quickly lets them know you have the qualifications, skills, and experience they need. Capture their interest, and they might want to interview you.

If you really think about it, would your current resume or CV actually do that? And if your answer is ‘No’ or ‘Not sure’ you might find my resume writing service the solution you need.

Many of my clients are high-end professionals — who like most people — find it challenging to write about themselves. After all, when your career spans a number of decades how do you condense all of that down into one or two pages?

Then my other clients — students, new workers, career changers — struggle to fill even a page when they don’t have a lot of professional experience in their chosen profession.

What makes a great resume?

For the best chance of snagging that interview, resumes and CVs should be:-

  • Written in clear business English
  • Presented in a simple font like Arial, Times or Helvetica
  • Free of errors and typos
  • Scannable*
  • Saved in PDF or Word format
  • No more than a 2-3 megabytes (less is better)

Don’t make the mistake of presenting a resume or CV that contains lots of graphics, icons and script fonts. They’re really hard to follow.

Busy recruiters have more chance of noticing you if the text is easy to scan, and isn’t lost inside a jumble of multi-coloured graphics and icons.

Many large firms and recruitment agencies use software that recognises keywords and phrases. If your resume cannot be scanned by the agency software, even if you are the most qualified applicant your resume may be discarded during this scanning process.*

What’s the difference between a Resume and a CV?

Job advertisements will usually state whether the recruiter wants to see a  resume or CV.

  • A resume is a short document (1-2 pages only) which presents your career highlights.  It is usually tailored to the suit the requirements of the job you are applying for, and is regularly changed.
  • A CV or curriculum vitae is a complete record of your career history and achievements. It lists everything chronologically and is much longer than a resume, sometimes 8-10 pages. The base of your CV doesn’t change, you just add new awards and achievements as they occur.

Want a new resume?

Let me know what you need (and when) and I’ll be back with a quote in a few hours. Resumes range from AUD$150-250, depending on your industry, skills, and experience.