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Do you need a professional resume or CV? I am am a professional resume writer with more than 16 years as a HR Manager and Recruiter. I'd love to write the resume or CV that lands you an interview for that dream job.

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Do you need a professional resume or CV? A resume that will quickly catch the attention of a recruiter or employment manager?

Are you applying for a job and need to showcase your career history, academic achievements and job-specific skills?

Hi! I’m Melinda Irvine a professional resume writer with more than 16 years experience as a HR Professional and Hiring Manager.

I’d love to write your new resume or CV today.

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What makes a great resume or CV?

A great resume or CV captures the attention of a recruiter or employment manager, making them interested in learning more about you. If your resume impresses them enough, they’ll want to interview you.

For the best chance of snagging that interview for your dream job, resumes and CVs should be:-

  • written in clear English
  • presented in a clear font like Arial, Times or Helvetica
  • free of errors and typos
  • easy to read
  • in PDF or Word format
  • no more than a few megabytes

Don’t make the mistake of so many job candidates by  presenting a resume or CV containing lots of graphics, icons and script fonts.

Busy recruiters have more chance of noticing you if the text is easily scannable and isn’t getting lost inside brightly coloured icons, inappropriate graphics or too much text.

What’s the difference between a Resume and a CV?

Job advertisements will often state whether they want to see a resume or CV.

  • A resume is a short document (1-2 pages only) presenting your career highlights and is usually changed each time you apply for a job.
  • A CV or curriculum vitae is a complete record of your career achievements, listed chronologically. It’s much longer than a resume because it includes things like awards; medals; books and articles you may have published; and memberships of specialised clubs and industry associations.

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