Thanks for your interest in supporting my projects for the kids of Estancia, Philippines. If this is the first time you’re visiting my website, I suggest reading the following post:

Donations: where does the money go exactly?

Make a Donation

Help disadvantaged kids go to schoolIf you’d like to help out I’m very grateful for donations — you can use credit card or PAYPAL or donate using our crowdfunding page.

Just shoot me an email if you require an official invoice/receipt. All cash donations are declared through my registered freelance writing business.

School Uniform Makeovers

Here’s a few snaps of one of our projects from 2017, buying uniforms for kids.




Thank you

There have been so many people who have helped me out in so many different ways since I first arrived in the Philippines. A big thanks to my family (especially my parents), friends and people I have never met who helped. Thanks also to the businesses who have supported the projects. Finally a big thanks to my Uncle Richard A. Ward who spends his retirement tirelessly selling stamps and family curios to fund the projects here.