If this is the first time you have visited my website or the first time on this page, since February 2014 I have been living in the Philippine western Visayas helping the children in a small fishing community deeply affected by poverty and seasonal typhoons. During this time a little boy arrived into my life by accident in early 2015 and when his father died last August (2016), leaving him orphaned I immediately realised I needed to legally adopt him and give him a family.

I’m a freelance copywriter and blogger and use the money I earn to provide school supplies, lunches and uniforms to kids living in this community. My goal is to continue living in the community here and operate a dedicated creative learning centre for the children as well as become Jerry’s legal mother. Maybe you would like to help out too?

Make a Donation

You can help me build a creative learning centre for the children as well as provide school supplies, uniforms and lunches by making a donation using credit card, PAYPAL or just depositing into the bank. Please make sure you shoot me an email so I can acknowledge you on the website.

Bank: ME Bank
BSB: 944600
Account Number: 000153372
Name: Melinda J Irvine (Humanitarian Aid Account)




Thank you

There have been so many people who have helped me out in so many different ways since I first arrived in the Philippines. A big thanks to my family (especially my parents), friends and people I have never met who helped. Thanks also to the businesses who supported the projects. Finally a big thanks to my Uncle Richard A. Ward who spends his retirement tirelessly selling stamps and family curios to fund the projects here.

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