Yesterday some of the dreams and visions for my life here in the Philippines manifested into reality: tuition for street kids and employment for families battling poverty.

For the last two years I have been helping Shelia Gedalanga and her two kids recover from the loss of their home and livelihood following Typhoon Yolanda. Last Monday Shelia came to work for me as a personal assistant, nanny to Jerry and tutor to the children of Botongon. Wow!

What is wonderful is that the beautiful person that is Shelia is now sharing her talents and love of children and able to pay the tuition of her own kids without undignified handouts. What is wonderful is that I am receiving help with Jerry. What is wonderful is that some of the poverty affected kids of Botongon are receiving free tuition and one-on-one attention as well as engaging in creative arts and crafts away from computer games.

With the help of Shelia, I am finally able to roll out the art and creativity program to the children of Botongon.

© 2016 Melinda Irvine.

school at home
Shelia’s daughter Geshiel is a first year college student training as a high school teacher. Here she is practicing on these 8 year old kids.