“your daughter has committed suicide”
my brother-in-law says
to my 80 year old father

“and it’s your fault!” tonight
after years of domestic
abuse, violence and insults … [i hang it up]

he rings back, of course.
crazed, demanding, belittling,
meek, puzzling, accusing.

I call the police
of course. they are
annoyed, of course.

she rings up later [alive]
of course. i take
the call, of course.

she hangs up on me [alive]
of course. i unplug
their phone

(my 80 year old parents)
of course. after decades
of it … and now another new

year beginning with it
i write another poem
… of course.

© 2017 Melinda Irvine
Daily Prompt: Year
I'm part of Post A Day 2016

4 responses to “Decades”

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  3. ksbeth Avatar

    wow, powerful and sad.

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar

      thank you it was a very sad night