Parenting a child who has experienced abuse or neglect

A list of behaviour indicators of child abuse, trauma and neglect highlighted to me the depth of distress and disturbing incidents Jerry has already experienced in his eight short years.

My Adopted Kid

About two weeks ago I was googling ‘inappropriate affection in children’  (or similar) and I found a document called Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Abuse or Neglect. Reading through this sixteen (16) page dcoument was a great awakening for me.

First it confirmed the depth of the trauma that Jerry, the boy who lives with me, has suffered in his little life. I mean I knew rationally that a kid who less than a year ago was living in a war zone, not in school, didn’t even own a pair of thongs (flip flops, jandels) would have encountered some forms of neglect or abuse. However it was only in the reading of these lists that I realised the depth and that I needed to be more patient.  Secondly, if I was truly to help him, I needed to get informed in order to be an effective parent.

Listed below are some…

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2 comments on “Parenting a child who has experienced abuse or neglect”
  1. Maya Harris says:

    Ah! So much to say and do but no time! We’re still waiting to get the girls but after things settle hopefully I’ll be able to start sharing some of the information we’ve been getting from FACS. I’m really keen to watch this and I know its only 15 minutes but head wants to explode just now.

    You and Jerry are often in my mind. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mel irvine says:

      it will be great to share resources, thanks i’ll watch this later. compiling it all in the new website so if you have stuff i’ll put it up there too. mel xx


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