Rehearsals Started for Literacy Day Celebrations

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Rehearsals for our World Literacy Day celebrations started today and as promised here are the details to watching  live on Friday. Today we went back over some materials we learned last year and I also began teaching the kids a little welcome song I wrote in both their native language Hiligaynon and the national language Tagalog. We had a lot of fun with that today.

Jerry inspects the new books (purchased especially for Literacy Day) for our community library and some prizes for science students at one of the local schools.

The children will be performing live for you as well as talking a little about their lives and what they enjoy doing. We have a few little surprises too that we hope you will enjoy. I don’t think they completely grasp the fact that people from other countries will be watching but they are excited that they will be able to watch the whole thing again themselves.

Don’t forget that accomplished children’s author and poet Dr June Perkins will be joining us via Skype to inspire the children with poems and stories from her latest book Magic Fish Dreaming.

You can watch the event right here on this page or click through to YouTube to engage in the live chat feature. I’ll do my best to respond to any messages. I may also stream it through to Facebook but it depends on who I can get to hold the cameras!

So this is my very first attempt at livestreaming and I hope you will forgive any teething problems. Anyone who knows me (yes friends I am still super OCD) will realise the event is being mega rehearsed, will start exactly on time and (being wet season) I have a backup plan. I’m going to try to squeeze 50+ kids into the small room we live in if it dares to rain.

I had just been explaining that a real author was going to be joining us on Friday and the kids are busy copying out the words to the song we are going to sing to her. I’m really just wiping my eyes, honest.

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6 responses to “Rehearsals Started for Literacy Day Celebrations”

  1. Rowena McGregor Avatar

    Melinda, I am so looking forward to this. Thanks for the invitation 🙂

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar
      Melinda J. Irvine

      Hi Rowena it’s going to be great. I’m so thrilled you will be joining us.

  2. Sudhir Chauhan Avatar

    look at those lovely faces…. they seem to be doing some real hard work… all the best…..

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar
      Melinda J. Irvine

      thanks Sudhir they are so excited.

      1. Sudhir Chauhan Avatar

        our best wishes for them….

  3. […] I really hope you can join us on Friday and I’ll be posting more details in a separate post (hopefully there will be a hyperlink here before the end of the day). YOU CAN WATCH IT LIVE HERE. […]