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Australian writer Melinda J. Irvine

My website is a mix of my professional work as a freelance writer and my creativity as a poet and blogger.  You’ll find poetry, artistic and nature photography, as well as blog articles informed by my experiences as a writer, volunteer, and adopted mum. Everything is my own work.Melinda J. Irvine poet and blogger

Stories and Poetry

My aim is to blog my personal experiences with photos and poetry, inspired by whatever I happen to see in front of me or what I’ve been doing on that particular day. Sometimes it’s a wide-open and lonely stretch of beach behind my home-town (if I’m in Australia) at other times I find inspiration in the bustling local market in the villages of the Philippines. Very often I’ll write the stories of women and children of Western Visayas and my humanitarian projects to help them.  I also write regularly about my  progress as the adopted mum of the small boy I met on a dirt road in mid-2015. Whatever I’m writing though, it’s current and reflects where I am right now.

Jerry and Tita Mel

Professional Writing Services

Professionally, I’m a freelance copywriter, business blogger and author and write for a range of small business and corporate clients. I help my clients refine the text on their websites; write content to sell their products and services online; or develop their work procedures into written policies and operations manuals.

If you want to learn how to become a professional writer and make money writing, you’ll find a whole bunch of blogs and articles here to help you along your way.

I absolutely love writing and self-publishing my own poetry books (which are available for sale here on the blog ) as well as submitting my work to literary magazines and publishing houses too. You can read all about them by clicking the links.

If you notice a break in between blog posts or that I haven’t written a poem in a week or so, that usually means I’m embedded somewhere in a client project. But I’m never to far way.

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Thanks for stopping by

If you’d like to learn more about me and my creative works browse through the website, there is plenty of info and I keep it up-to-date. Alternatively click here for more information about how to hire me for your next writing project.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you will enjoy the website and my creative writing. If you love it please follow my blog and tell your friends too. Even better join the conversation, comment on the posts or shoot me a message using the contact form: I always love mail.

All my love.

Melinda J. Irvine
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