For the un-initiated, the Philippine delicacy Balut (pronounce it bah-lute) is a boiled duck egg. But the developing embryo of the chick is still inside and it has all this cooked smelly liquid that runs out when you crack it. Ewwww! Served hot on every market corner, naturally Jerry loves it.

My first (and only taste) of Balut was completely by accident. Arriving in Manila for the first time in 2014 I went wandering the extensive public markets in Quezon City and spotted a lady selling eggs. Eggs! I thought, yum. I bought a little pack and wandered back to the group of volunteers who were also visiting the Philippines for the first time.

I proudly showed my hosts ‘these cool eggs I found in the market’ and they surely must have giggled as I got one out to eat. Oh I’ll never forget the shock of finding a half-developed baby animal inside. And the feeling of that liquid in my mouth is something I won’t forget easily either.

When I saw the daily prompt today was ‘egg‘ I casually told Jerry we were walking to the market to buy Balut because I needed photos for the blog. Jerry knows all about the blog and is used to posing for featured images. Sometimes he gets annoyed and tells me ‘no photos today Tita Mel’ but today he stopped and said “Ok you want me to eat this now for the picture”?

Also Jerry asks me everytime I buy him Balut “Tita Mel, you want to try? It’s so very delicious”. No need to tell you my reply.

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2 responses to “Balut”

  1. Susan W Goldstein Avatar

    Added protein? gag!!

    1. Melinda J. Irvine Avatar
      Melinda J. Irvine

      haha gag is correct. I don’t use that word a lot so it made me laugh. Will try to use it in a sentence today. 🙂