When it’s been flooding rain for a month, sometimes it’s hard to see the opportunity. But they always exist. If you look in the photo below you’ll see a man crouching down in front of a big puddle of water. Do you know what he is doing?

This man is using his ingenuity outside a great big shopping centre.  He’d grabbed a couple of pieces of timber and a few bits of concrete rubble to form a makeshift walkway, and is  charging 1 peso to pass over the smelly flood water that blocked every entrance to the shopping centre. He was more than happy to include a photo for an extra 4 pesos.

man charging entry over a plank of wood
Making a coin display, this shrewd businessman let’s passing pedestrians know it’s gonna cost 1 peso to walk that plank.

Yes, for the past month it has rained incessantly: the house has flooded 3 times and Jerry and I have evacuated it once. And I’ve been quiet on the blog and neXtDRAFT, not because things are hard and I’ve been just too busy, but because I’m determined to stop focusing on obstacles and write about inspiring stuff instead of my latest drama or ailment.

When one of my cousins emailed me after the last edition of neXtDRAFT with …

Oh Mel, I never know what will be delivered in the next draft….. My prayers are with you all… I hope you find the right place you need to live and work in well.
All my love Linden xxx

It really got me thinking. Do I want to be writing every week that … life is hard … life is challenging … I’m doing it tough … ? Are these the messages I went to send to people, and even more importantly … affirm to myself?


So for the last two weeks I’ve been deliberately blog-quiet, waiting for inspiration: finally finding it while paying 5 pesos to walk on a lump of wood over a flooded gutter. Opportunity, it’s everywhere. Even in floods.

jerry and his brother digging a flood trench
Another opportunity. Jerry’s brother Ryan came to stay for 5 days after the first flood and helped us by digging trenches and putting in extra drains. Look at Jerry working outside with his Kuya (elder brother).

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