Quick Tips For Better Business Blogging

tips for better business blogging

Business blogging is done for one reason, and one reason only. To get people on our websites.
And we want them to stay awhile too — check out our content, join the newsletter, and eventually buy something.

So if you’re going to spend your time business blogging, spend it wisely creating content that helps your readers and gives them a reason to click to another page — or even better — the store.

Focus on your customer

I see a lot of business “blogs” that focus entirely on what the company is selling, offering no real value to the reader. It’s a bit like being invited to your sister’s for dinner and your brother-in-law spends the entire evening talking about himself!

And it’s not so much that business bloggers necessarily like the sound of their own voice, it’s usually because they can’t think of anything else to write.

I’m not saying you can’t blog about your products and serves, just angle it so the content is useful. Help your readers solve a problem and you’re far more likely to keep them hanging around for another helping, instead of running home to Netflix. Here’s a few ideas.

(1) Answer their questions

Listen. What questions do your customers ask? Now write a blog post that specifically answers those questions.

  • How often do I need to change the filter? How to clean your split-system air-conditioner.
  • Are there any artificial colourings the cupcakes? Ingredient List: explaining all the yummy stuff in your birthday cupcakes.
  • How many of these gel packs should I consume before the race? 15k race day meal plan.
  • Can I dry-clean my woollen pants? How to safely launder woollen pants.

(2) Highlight Errors

Pay attention to errors commonly made by your customers — these can also be the foundation of some great blog posts. How about:

  • Assemble your cabinet shelves in less than 15 minutes.
  • How to quickly find any error in your bank reconciliation.
  • Best warm-ups for weight training — without getting injured.
  • 3 deadly mistakes made by all new climbers.

(3) Tell them something they don’t know

Stay informed and position yourself as an industry authority, then write how an industry development, innovation, or product release will impact your customers.

  • How this year’s budget will impact all small business owners.
  • SCAM ALERT: password security virus sneaks past NASA.
  • Getting the most from the latest Windows update.
  • 5 critical things you probably don’t know about flammable liquids cabinets

Make your message unique

With over 4.56 billion websites pages, eBooks and how-to-guides online, a lot of the stuff you want to write about has been said before. And before that. And before that.

BUT don’t lose heart. If your customers are still asking questions, and people are still making mistakes (eg, misunderstanding the assembly guide), your content is still relevant.

Blog to your customers, help them with their problems by sharing your own unique knowledge and business experience.

Don’t forget to sell

And finally, make sure each blog article has a clear call to action. Ask readers if they need help sorting out that bank reconciliation, or want a race-day meal plan written? Invite them to join your email list so they don’t miss any of your industry insights.

Get people onto your website by posting clear, actionable advice that will convince readers that you are someone worth contacting and doing business with.

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Need some help blogging?

If you need some help arranging your ideas, writing blog posts, and crafting a call-to-action that sells — get in touch. We could start the new year together making your website and blog a go-to industry hub.

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